What you can do with your booking online

You can manage your own booking online whether it was made online, in person or over the phone. Here's some explanation about the things you can do online. For other needs please phone 1866 351 9528

Seat Select

If you've already made a flight booking and haven't selected seats or you have and want to change them, you can retrieve your booking online and get started. Please note that international multistop bookings cannot be retrieved online and changes need to be made through the Contact Center (service fees may apply).

Seat Select is available on all Air New Zealand operated flights and if you're after a bit more legroom or a better location on the aircraft, why not see if a Preferred Seat or an Exit Row option is available.

COVID-19: Changes to Seat Select 
As a response to COVID-19 requirements, we will be physically distancing passengers from each other and from crew, when capacity allows. These measures will apply to domestic flights. See our Seat Select page for more details.

Add Extra Bags

Struggling to fit everything in? Add prepaid Extra Bags on top of the baggage allowance included with your fare and save on the excess baggage rates charged at the airport.

To get started, simply retrieve your booking and providing your flights are operated by Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia, you may have the chance to add Extra Bags. Also, if you've already added Extra Bags, you may still be able to add more. Please note that international multistop bookings cannot be retrieved online and changes need to be made through the Contact Center (service fees may apply).

Extra Bags can be purchased to a maximum of three checked bags in total, including the baggage allowance included with your fare.

If your fare does not include a baggage allowance, you'll need to upgrade to a fare that includes a baggage allowance before purchasing Extra Bags.

Upgrade product

If you're booked to travel in Economy on a 777-300 long-haul international service, you can choose to upgrade to our Skycouch™ with this upgrade product option.

Please note, it is important that you request your product upgrade on the website for the currency you used to purchase your flights.

For bookings paid in Canadian dollars, please use our Canada website, www.airnewzealand.ca, to upgrade the products in your booking.

View, change or cancel your booking


If you would like another copy of your ticket or would just like to view your booking online, you can do that by selecting this option (the booking must have been made on airnewzealand.ca).


You can change your international bookings online, subject to the following:

  • Flights must have been booked on airnewzealand.ca and not be checked in
  • Multi-stop bookings and bookings containing a Skycouch cannot be changed online
  • Changes must apply to all travellers in the same booking

To change a domestic New Zealand booking, or if you cannot change your international booking online, please call us on 1-866 351 9528. Please note that service fees will apply for changes made via the Contact Centre.

  • Business Class fares can be cancelled online up until departure.
  • Most Tasman, Pacific and New Zealand Domestic Flexi fares may also be cancelled online.
  • A booking must be cancelled in full, ie both the outbound and return flight.
  • If the booking is for more than one traveller, then the flights for all travellers will be cancelled. If you want to cancel the flights for only some of the travellers on your booking, please call 1-866 351 9528 and have your ticket handy.

Add passport details (and Secure Flight data)

Under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight program, Air New Zealand is required to collect Secure Flight Passenger Data which includes a passenger's full name (as it appears on government-issued identification), date of birth, gender, and TSA issued Redress Number (if available).

The purpose of the Secure Flight program is to enhance the security of air travel through the use of improved watch list matching to identify known and suspected terrorists.

If you did not enter your passport details (and Secure Flight data) as part of your booking, please use the 'Add passport details' option on the homepage to enter this data prior to travel.

For more information about the TSA's Secure Flight program visit TSA's website.

Details required to manage your booking

To use these options you will need to enter your family name and booking reference. You may also be asked for an email address and phone number.

Your booking reference can be found on your ticket, and has six letters and/or numbers the last of which is always "H". If your booking was made through another website or travel agent, the booking reference may be described as Airline Ref, Ticket Number or Record Locator.