Bookings FAQs

Session timeout is designed to protect your personal details. If you are making an online flight booking, the system will time out after 10 minutes of no activity.

You may have entered an incorrect email address at the time of booking. If you booked online and have your booking reference (e.g., MGB3XH), please click here to request a copy of your Electronic Ticket online.

If you do not have your booking reference or cannot access your booking online, please contact Air New Zealand on 13 24 76.

Air New Zealand does not provide quotes for flights via email because there are many variables involved in quoting fares and flight availability. Factors such as travel dates, seat availability and promotional offers influence the final price. For information on fares for your proposed travel we recommend you visit our homepage and enter your travel dates to see which fares and flights are currently available.

You can choose Fare Hold to enable you to reserve fares at the displayed price for a fee.  Fare Hold gives you time to free up funds, or confirm travel and accommodation details with your travel companions, without having to worry whether the fares might go up in price.

At the end of the online booking process a booking confirmation page will be displayed on your screen which will include a booking reference (e.g. MGB3XH). It is a good idea to print off a copy of this page for your records as it shows the flight details, any car or hotel rentals requested, and your booking reference. These details may be required for country entry requirements.

An electronic ticket will sent to the specified contact email address entered during the booking process - if not immediately, then usually the same day or within 24 hours. Please ensure you enter your email address correctly when making your online booking.

If you have not received your ticket within this period or your travel departure date is less than five days away please contact Air New Zealand and have your booking reference available so that we can check the ticketing status of your booking. For your local free calling number including TTY details, please visit the Help & Contact page.

Fare rules are presented to you throughout the online booking process. If you have any queries about fare rules, please call the Air New Zealand Contact Centre Reservations.

For your local free calling number, visit Help & Contact.

They will be able to explain the rules that apply to the fare you have selected. If you have already purchased a ticket, you may also call us to confirm or clarify your fare rules.

The vast majority of our online customers make bookings on our website with no problem at all. Check your electronic ticket as soon as it is received and if you have made a genuine mistake, please contact Air New Zealand as soon as you realise and we'll do whatever we can to help.

For your local free calling number, click the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page.

To help get the best fares, try traveling outside peak hours or public holidays. The more flexible in your travel dates and times, the more chances you have of getting a lower fare. Some of our lowest fares also have a minimum stay periods.

Yes the card payment fee is refundable if the fare is a refundable fare type.

If paying with a charge or credit card, the funds will be held against the account the same day the booking is made. The transaction will then be completed overnight the next working day, the amount being debited from your card account.

If paying with Airpoints Dollars, the amount will be debited from your Airpoints account as soon as the booking is made.

There are a few ways you can obtain a copy of your e-ticket:

Ask Oscar

Oscar is our helpful chatbot. You'll see an 'ask Oscar' icon on Air NZ pages. Simply ask Oscar for your e-ticket, provide him with your booking reference, family name and an email address to send your e-ticket to, and he’ll send you a copy for you to re-print. Easy.

Are you an Airpoints™ member?

If you prefer, you can reprint the ticket this way.

Did you supply your membership number when you booked your flights? If so:

  • Sign in to your Airpoints account
  • Select 'your bookings' once you are signed in
  • Select 'request ticket copy' in the 'Manage booking' section, then you can transfer your ticket to an e-wallet to electronically store it or print your ticket out at your convenience.

No reference number for your booking?

If you don't have your booking reference number, you can contact us and provide your name, flight number, departure and arrival cities and dates of travel. The helpful team will provide you with your booking reference.

Not an Airpoints member? No problem

Here's another option:

  • Retrieve your booking.
  • Enter your booking reference and family name to access your booking record.
  • Under 'Manage booking' select 'Request ticket' copy.

We'll send an e-ticket to the email address you enter.

Download the Air NZ mobile app

If you download the Air NZ mobile app, you can turn your phone into your ticket, store your boarding pass and much more.  If you already have the app, you’ll find your e-ticket stored there.  You can also check-in and get an e-boarding pass.

Get the Air NZ app here: 

Apple store
Google play


Every time you fly, you receive a six character booking reference.

You can find your booking reference number in several places:

  • Did you book online at the Air New Zealand website? We would have sent you an email soon after with your booking reference, e-ticket and itinerary.
  • If you can't find your original booking email, ask our Chatbot Oscar to resend your booking confirmation.
  • If you're an Airpoints™ member, you can find all your flight information by signing in to your Airpoints account, or on the Air NZ app.

If you're still not sure, just call us on 0800 737 000 (within New Zealand) or contact us in the way that works best for you. We'll be able to help.

And don't panic. Your flight reference is helpful, but as long as you have some photo ID we can still check you in to your flight without it.

Credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions charge Air New Zealand for transacting credit, debit and charge card payments.  Air New Zealand needs to recover this cost and the additional related costs we incur when accepting credit cards as a form of payment.

When searching for the lowest available fares, we'll show you the lowest fare available for the journey you have selected based on the number of passengers in your travelling party.  From time to time, there may be a cheaper fare available for a lesser number of travellers.  Unfortunately, we are unable to display different fare levels for two or more passengers within the same booking.

Yes, up to a maximum of 9 passengers in a single booking made online - usual rules and conditions of carriage apply.

The service fee is a reflection of the personal assistance when booking via the Air New Zealand Contact Centre or the Travelcentre. All Air New Zealand fares, subject to availability, are offered online without service fees.

You can change your international booking online subject to a number of requirements which include the following:

  • Flights must have been booked on and not be checked in
  • Travel must originate in New Zealand 
  • Skycouch bookings cannot be changed online
  • Multi-stop bookings cannot be changed online
  • Changes must apply to all travellers in the same booking

You can also change international bookings by calling the Air New Zealand Contact Centre on 0800 737 000 from within New Zealand. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have already commenced travel and are currently outside New Zealand you can contact one of our regional offices. They will be able to provide details of the change rules and change penalties associated with your booking. You will need to quote your booking reference or ticket number, and/or your existing flight details.  

If you are calling from a country where we do not have a local or regional office or contact number, you will need to make an international toll call to our New Zealand Contact Centre on +64 9 357 3000.
The type of fare originally booked and when you make any changes will influence the cost involved. This will also vary subject to which country you booked your flight in.   

Please note bookings changed through our Contact Centres or offices will incur service fees in additional to any other change costs involved. For more information on applicable costs to change International long haul bookings please select the fare type you originally purchased from the following options:

Long Haul Global Sale Fares

Long Haul Global Saver Fares

Long haul Global Flexi Fares

The costs to change your domestic flight will vary, depending on the type of fare you originally booked and whether you changed it online or using the Air NZ mobile app, or through our contact centre.

Here's an idea of what to expect:

Service fees

If you change your booking online or using the Air NZ mobile app, there is no service charge, it's free.

If you make your changes through the Air New Zealand Contact Centre – you'll pay NZ $30 each way.

Change fees

Seat, seat + bag, flexi time, and Smart Saver fares -  it's NZ$ 50 per person

Flexi date fares - there's no change fee

Fares may be different

You'll also need to pay any difference in fares at the time you change your flight. If you are making changes online, we'll show you change fees and fare upgrades before you pay.

Find out more about New Zealand Domestic Fares.

Yes. There are various ways to change or cancel a booking, you can do this online or using our Air NZ mobile app. But before you do, you might want to check to see if you are entitled to a refund on cancellation and whether there are any fees to change your booking. This will depend on the type of fare you have booked, check the fare rules on the last page of your e-ticket.

Changing your booking

You can change your booking:

1. Online through Manage Booking. You'll need your booking reference (you'll find this on your electronic ticket) and family name. Most bookings can be changed online, but there are some that can't, and some rules apply*. More information.

2. On the Air NZ mobile app. Change your booking using the app and you'll save yourself a service fee. (You'll incur a service fee if you use our contact centre).

3. Airpoints™ members. You can change your booking by signing in and accessing your booking under 'your bookings' on your Airpoints page. 

4. Call us on 0800 199 099 or +64 9 368 9191 if you're overseas.

Fees and fare rules do change depending on your type of ticket, please select from the list below to find the fare you have purchased.

Domestic fares

Tasman fares

Island fares

Long Haul fares

*Economy Skycouch™ bookings, multi-stop bookings and bookings purchased with a promo code cannot be changed online.

Your booking must be cancelled in full i.e. both the outbound and return flights of a round trip.

When cancelling your booking online, we will credit any refund, (as per the fare conditions for your booking), to the original form of payment you used to make the booking.

If your flight is close to departure you may not be able to cancel it online.

That will depend on the type of fare you have booked.

Flexi fares

If you have purchased a flexi fare, usually you can change your booking up to departure time. If you change it online or using the Air NZ mobile app you won’t pay a service fee.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 199 099 or +64 9 368 9191 if you're overseas, in which case there will be a NZ $50 service fee for us to make the change. Also, depending on your particular fare, you may need to pay any fare difference.

If you are travelling Business Class or Business Premier™, you can make changes at any time, even after scheduled departure, unless you are travelling on a Business Saver fare, in which case you'll need to purchase a new ticket.

If your plans change and you need to cancel, Flexi fares are generally fully refundable up to departure, but please check the fare rules on the last page of your e-ticket.

Non flexible fares

These fares generally cost less, but they have less flexibility too, so if you miss your flight, these fares are generally non-refundable and can't be changed on the departure date. So, to travel, you would need to purchase a new ticket for an alternative flight.

Please check the fare conditions on the back of your e-ticket. If you can't change your booking online, please contact us on 0800 199 099 or +64 9 368 9191 if you're overseas.

Please refer to the rules for the fare you have purchased to see if you are eligible for a fare refund.

Domestic, Tasman and Pacific Fare Info

Please note: For Domestic travel, grabaseat & Smart Saver fares are not entitled to a refund of the fare, nor any taxes or levies included in the ticket price.

If you have purchased Domestic cancellation insurance, please refer to the Insurance Conditions to check if you are eligible for a refund.

As well as travel originating in North American cities, you can book the following on our websites for US and Canadian customers:

- Domestic New Zealand flights
- Short-haul flights between New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific Islands

For flights originating in other countries you will be transferred to the local website where local the currency will be quoted and charged.

We don't use automated calling at Air New Zealand.

If you receive a "robot call" claiming to be from Air New Zealand, it is almost certainly a scam.

Be very cautious if the call claims to have a prize for you, and needs your personal details such as your credit card details or bank Airpoints number.

Hang up on the robot and call one of our real people to let us know.

If you've given out your credit card or bank details, please contact your bank immediately to protect yourself and your money from scammers.


When you book online you can choose the special assistance option you need. If you selected one when you booked, you don’t need to do anything more.

We’re committed to making sure you fly in comfort and with dignity. Please contact us if:

  • You need a different sort of assistance
  • You missed the special assistance option when you completed your booking
  • Your situation has changed and you now need extra assistance
  • You would like to understand more about our assistance

It’s helpful to have your booking reference handy when you call.

Read more about our special assistance options.