businesspremier™ sample menu

At Air New Zealand we're passionate about New Zealand food. Savour the full-bodied flavours and experience authentic tastes with our businesspremier™ menu.

Examples of our businesspremier™ menu choices, below.


To begin

  • Duck breast with orange star anise gastrique, fungus and ginger sesame slaw
  • Char siu pork, green beans with Chinese olive preserve, black mushrooms, pickled yellow radish and hoisin mayonnaise

From the bakery
Pumpkin and polenta loaf, purple grain rolls and garlic bread offered with Hawke's Bay extra virgin olive oil


  • Beef fillet with kumara and red onions cooked in balsamic, horseradish and beetroot chrain
  • Chermoula rubbed salmon with spiced cauliflower and cardamom couscous, rocket salad
  • Spicy Korean chicken with pickled white radish, steamed rice, sesame and chilli vegetables

To finish

  • Pistachio mousse with lemon infused rosewater glaze and strawberry gel
  • Dark chocolate and hazelnut praline delice
  • Fresh fruit plate

Help yourself snacks
Help yourself from our range of snacks available throughout the flight.


Sleep-in breakfast 
Before going to sleep, please advise your flight attendant you wish to sleep-in and we will wake you as late as possible and offer fruit, yoghurt, cereal, bakery and a beverage of your choice.

Wake-up drinks
Get yourself started with an all natural strawberry smoothie or your choice of juice.

From the pantry

  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Plain yoghurt or white peach yoghurt
  • Vogel's Cafe Style Light Berry Muesli gluten free cereal
  • Vogel's Cafe Style Luxury Muesli

From the bakery

  • Croissants, almond raisin Danish and cranberry muffins
  • Wholemeal toast with your choice of:
    • Marmalade
    • Strawberry jam
    • Vegemite
    • Marmite

From the stove

  • Zucchini and pimiento omelette with pork sausages, potato gratin, sauteed spinach and onions
  • Ginseng and chicken congee with nabak kimchi, baby ginseng root, green scallions and toasted white sesame seeds
  • Banana blueberry pancakes with blueberry compote and brown sugar sour cream

Please accept our apologies should your first choice not be available due to previous customer selection.