Company Advantage FAQs

How do I book my flights online with my promo code on Air New Zealand?

On our website you can use our Fare Finder located on the homepage. Select From and To cities by typing the first few letters of your origin and destination or selecting from the drop down list. Select the number of adults and enter your promo code. Click on the search button to be taken to the available flights selection. Once you have selected your flights, your fare and taxes total will show and the discount you receive will also be shown. You can then complete your details and continue through the booking flow to confirmation.

Is the discount applied to the total fare including taxes?

The discount only applies to the airfare component of the total fare and not to the taxes.

Can I make changes to my bookings?

All of our fares are changeable and can be done via our sales support team. Just call 1-800-552-9797 and they will be happy to assist. There will be a flat charge of $50.00 if the booking incurs a change fee, this is a saving of up to $100.00*.

If I cancel my ticket, do I get any refund?

If you need to cancel a flight booking, the rules of the fare class booked will apply. Some fares once ticketed are non-refundable and some fares do allow flexibility to cancel plans.  You will read these rules as they appear in the booking flow when you purchase a ticket.  To cancel your booking, please contact our sales support team at 1-800-552-9797 and ensure you have your booking reference available. Our Sales support team will advise the process from here.

What do I do if I need to book a large number of tickets, say for 20+ guests?

We do offer competitive discounts for group travel. The best thing to do is email us at and we will come back to you within the next working day with a quote.

Are there discounts for children and infants?

Yes, our standard discount (on our website) is 75% of the adult fare for children (ages between 2- 11) and 10% of the adult fare for infants (ages between 0 – 2). 

Can family and friends use our account?

The discount promo code that is allocated to you is only allowed to be applied to registered employees of your company. Friends and family can benefit from our specials and lowest fares on our site.

Is there a limit to how many employee names I can register to the promo code?

There are no restrictions on the number of registered names that have access to the promo code.

What is our baggage allowance?

For our free allowance in Economy we allow 1 piece with a maximum weight of 50 lbs. In Premium Economy we allow 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 50 lbs per piece and in Business Premier we allow 3 pieces with a maximum weight of 50 lbs per piece.

How do I register for Air New Zealand frequent flyer account?

You can download the application form from within the 'Airpoints' or 'Frequent Flyer' section of our website, Membership is complimentary with your booking on an Air New Zealand flight for travelers based in the US. You will need to include your original ticket or E-ticket receipt with your application form.

Is there someone I can contact if I have any further questions?

You can email us at to discuss any aspect of Company Advantage.

*Savings based on change fee for Economy class fares originating in Canada booked in K/G/S fare classes.