Connecting at Auckland

Connecting at Auckland International Airport is easy.

International to domestic transfers

If you are arriving on an international flight and connecting to an Air New Zealand domestic flight, you can transfer your baggage at the main Air New Zealand international check-in area in Zone A. If you have had your bags tagged and hold a boarding pass you can proceed to any open bag drop. Passengers not holding a boarding pass or bag tags are able to use self-service kiosks to check in before proceeding to the bag drop. You will need to show ID at the bag drop so keep your passport handy.

Please note that you must have at least one hour between dropping your bag off and the departure of your domestic flight to use the domestic transfer service. Otherwise, please make your way directly to the domestic terminal with your baggage to check in.

Domestic to international transfers

If you are connecting from an Air New Zealand Domestic Jet flight (and selected Link flights) to an international flight, you can check your luggage through to your final destination at your departing airport. After arrival in Auckland, your luggage will be automatically transferred.

Making your way between terminals

The Domestic and International terminals are in different locations at Auckland Airport. There is a complimentary terminal transfer bus with pick up locations just outside the Terminal doors offering a comfortable transfer every 15 minutes between 5am and 10.30pm.

You can also take the inter-terminal walk which should take around 10 minutes. Just follow the painted green line on the footpath outside each terminal.

International to international transfers

When connecting to another international flight on arrival at Auckland and you already have your baggage checked through to your next/final destination you will not be required to collect your bags or clear customs and immigration. Make your way to the international transfer area at the terminal end of the arrivals concourse where you will be subject to security screening and must comply with security regulations including the carriage of liquids, gels and aerosols (LAGs). To avoid confiscation of any LAGs, please do not carry/purchase any Duty Free liquids over 100mls from your departing city or until after you have passed through this screening point in Auckland. If you haven't been issued a boarding pass make your way to the International Transfer Desk who will be able to issue you with a boarding pass.

If you haven't been through-checked to your next/final destination you will need to collect your bags and clear customs and immigration before checking in again with your departing airline.

Auckland International Airport

Map of Auckland International airport.