Adelaide's epic food & wine road trip

Food and wine are never far from anyone's mind in South Australia, so you can look forward to some stand-out experiences.

In the travel world, South Australia has an enviable reputation for extraordinary food and wine experiences. Why? Because the sunny climate is perfect for growing premium grapes and ingredients, and because so many cultural groups have contributed their food and wine knowledge to the culinary heritage of the region - Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, African, Chinese, Middle Eastern and German, just to mention a few. When you're holidaying in Adelaide and the wine regions close to the city, every day is a party for the senses.

The Enchanted Fig Tree is a unique outdoor dining experience that focuses on Kangaroo Island delicacies and paired wines, served amidst the branches of a massive fig tree.

Adelaide wine tours and boutique cellar doors

Adelaide is almost surrounded by grape-growing regions and they all come with cellar doors that exist only to celebrate and share the glory of South Australian wines. Whether you guide yourself or join one of the many Adelaide food and wine tours available, you can sip your way through a flight of tastings or enjoy a couple of glasses in the garden, with an antipasto platter for company.

Delicious food image courtesy of d'Arenberg Pty Ltd