Diversity, equity & inclusion

Our vision is to create an inclusive environment where our diverse workforce of Air New Zealanders, proudly representative of Aotearoa, can be themselves and thrive.

Why is it important?

The future is changing, and the talent entering the New Zealand workforce will be different. Research shows that companies with high ethnic and gender diversity have a higher than average market share and those in the top quartile outperform their industry. There is also a direct link between the profile of our customers and our diversity representation goals. To achieve the benefits of diversity we need to ensure we are creating an environment where people can be themselves at work.

Different backgrounds

There's no typical Air New Zealander because we all have different backgrounds, experiences and working styles. Our commitment to diversity has helped create a vibrant working environment where everyone feels welcome.

At Air New Zealand, we're proud of our engaged and inclusive culture. You'll work alongside colleagues with diverse perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders and age - no matter which area of our business you work in.

Our diverse workforce reflects our diverse customer base and helps us better serve their needs. It also makes us more innovative - having many different points of view helps us come up with new ideas, make better decisions and ultimately become a more successful business.

What we want to achieve

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy holds us accountable by setting out how we will create a truly inclusive workplace for our people and how we will become a champion of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 

We have been on this journey for a while now and are proud of how far we have come. There is still more we want to achieve, and by focusing on our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy and plan we will continue to drive a positive, inclusive culture for everyone.

Our strategic objectives

Our vision is to create an inclusive environment where our diverse workforce of Air New Zealanders, proudly representative of Aotearoa, can be themselves and thrive. We will do this by: 

  • Enhancing and unifying our Employee Networks
  • Developing, retaining and attracting diverse talent
  • Creating an inclusive culture to enhance belonging
  • Future-proofing inclusion

Our key metrics

Strategic initiatives

Increase % of women on the Airline Leadership Team (ALT)


50% women on ALT (including Executive)

Strategic initiatives

Increase number of women in people leader roles


39% by 2025

Strategic initiatives

Increase % of Māori and Pasifika on ALT and in people leadership roles


20% Māori and Pasifika employees in people leadership roles by end 2025
2 cohorts of the Mangōpare leadership development programme with 16 participants on each course

Strategic initiatives

Enhance our Employee Networks


Grow membership of Employee Networks by 10%
Improve alignment of Employee Networks

Strategic initiatives

Ticks/accreditations - Accessibility, Gender and Rainbow


Maintain and renew our Ticks

Strategic initiatives

Unconscious bias workshops


90% of leaders attending by end 2023

Our Employee Networks

We have 10 Employee Networks - all led by passionate Air New Zealanders who are committed to driving our diversity, equity and inclusion agenda. The aim of the Employee Networks is to act as a connection point for our employees, helping us create a more inclusive workplace.

Our Ticks and accreditations

We are proud members of Diversity Works NZ and Global Women. We also have the Accessibility, Gender and Rainbow Ticks, highlighting our commitment to improving our business and creating a truly inclusive workplace for all Air New Zealanders.