Email preferences

We use email to announce our latest offers and keep you up to date with your flights and Airpoints™ benefits. You can control what we send you with your preferences.

And of course, if you receive a suspicious email claiming to be from us, we want to know.

Managing your Air New Zealand emails 

We're sorry if we've sent you an unwanted email. Fortunately, it's easy to update your email settings online.

If you're an Airpoints member, you can tell us your preferences and choose specific emails you'd like to receive. You can go online to change your opt-in preferences at any time.

If you're not an Airpoints member and would like to choose which emails you receive, join today.

Double opt-in

When you sign up for special offer emails, we use a double opt-in. It's a two-step process to confirm you want to receive emails from us. Step 1 is signing up online, and step 2 is clicking on a confirmation email from us.

You also have the option to sign up for special offers when you book a ticket online. Because booking involves confirming your identity, we don't use a double opt-in.