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Frequently asked questions

How can I cancel or change an existing booking or get help making a new booking?

How can I save 20%* on my accommodation when I book a flight?

How do I access my package rate accommodation discount?

What happens to my accommodation booking after a delayed flight?

Will I be charged a cancellation fee for cancelling my accommodation booking?

Am I able to get a GST receipt for my hotel or accommodation booking?

Can I spend my Airpoints Dollars™ on an accommodation booking through your website?

Who can I contact to help with Airpoints enquiries on accommodation bookings?

How can I claim missing Airpoints on my accommodation booking?

10% Airpoints member discounts are available to logged-in Air New Zealand Airpoints members. The discount will be applied to the price of selected hotels or accommodation (excluding applicable taxes and other fees). Prices displayed include the promotional discount and are per room per night based on two people sharing a room. Blackout periods may apply and a minimum stay may be required. Please check individual property for details. Offers are subject to limited availability and may be discontinued without notice. Expedia's usual booking terms and conditions apply.

Expedia package recommendations and conditions

* The 20% off discount is an average discount based on the advertised package rates available for qualifying stays during the period of 1 February 2022 – 31 January 2023 on Air New Zealand Hotels, as compared to the price of the same accommodation advertised separately as a non-qualifying stay. Savings will vary based on origin/destination, length of trip, stay dates and selected travel supplier(s). Savings available on selected accommodation only.

Accommodation savings will be available when you have completed your flight booking with Air New Zealand and follow the prompts to book accommodation. After a flight booking has been made, discounted package room rates will be presented, and are available to be booked up until the time of flight departure.

Alternatively, retrieve an existing booking and select 'Book a hotel'.
- Prices are updated regularly and are accurate when published
- Prices displayed are for stays on the specific dates shown
- Blackout periods may apply. Please check individual property for details
- Offers are subject to limited availability and may be discontinued without notice
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Expedia's usual booking terms and conditions apply
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