Multistop bookings

Our multistop booking tool makes it quicker and easier to book your multistop trips online.

Some multistop itinerary options

  • Add stopovers - travel to one main destination with stopovers on the way there and/or on return
  • One way with stopover - travel to your chosen destination with a stopover on the way
  • Split your flights on return (open jaw) - depart from Auckland, fly to Los Angeles, make your own way to San Francisco and return to Auckland

International bookings

With two ways of searching and creating your itinerary, the choice is yours as to how to start building your international multistop trip.

Our Guided search allows you to book up to 4 legs and assists you in the process to pick valid combinations based on the routes and fares available. If you are a multistop first timer wanting to know your stopover options, then this tool is for you.

Build your own trip is for you, if you are a frequent traveller and know what routes Air New Zealand and our partner airlines fly and valid stop overs. You can put in any combination of destinations and stop overs, so knowledge of our fares and routes will help to create a successful itinerary. We recommend no more than 4-5 destinations – too many combinations may not return any results.

Domestic bookings

For itineraries including multiple flights within New Zealand, start a domestic multistop booking here.

Tips and help

Some tips for finding flights on Air New Zealand and our partner airlines:

  • Try different dates – on some routes we don't offer flights every day
  • Try different service classes, particularly during busy holiday periods
  • Reduce the number of stopovers. If there are too many combinations some flights could be booked separately as one-way flights
  • Allow enough transit time between stops
  • Check our route map for valid routes and combinations

If what you have requested is not available online, contact us.