Travelling with firearms or ammunition

You're welcome to fly with us when you have firearms and ammunition, as long as you follow our requirements.

To carry a firearm and/or ammunition, you must hold either:

  • A current Firearms/Visitor Firearms Licence
  • A valid Import Permit
  • A Law Enforcement ID

We will not accept copies of these documents. 

If you're travelling to, from or within New Zealand, please ensure you're familiar with the New Zealand Firearms Safety Authority website, which includes information on applying for an import permit and what you need to do if you are moving to or visiting New Zealand with firearms.

Important: Firearms are not accepted for travel into or out of Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore).

You must advise us before you fly if you plan to carry a firearm:

What firearms can I carry?

  • Sporting firearms
  • Air rifles, air pistols and BB guns
  • Soft air pellet guns and paintball guns
  • Imitation firearms
  • Decommissioned firearms


How do I pack my firearm for air travel?

You must ensure your firearm is:

  • Packed in a locked, hard case
  • Unloaded and any fitted magazines emptied
  • Rendered inoperable e.g. bolt removed, trigger guard(s)/trigger lock(s) fitted etc
  • Not packed with any ammunition
  • Not packed with the bolt (if applicable)
  • Is declared to a Customer Service Agent when you check-in

 Firearms (including replicas and decommissioned weapons)





FAQs for travelling with firearms

How do I tell you about my firearm when I'm checking in?

Why do I have to pack my firearm in a hard case?

Do I need to pay extra to check in my firearms case?

Where can I pack my firearm's bolt once I've removed it?

I'm bringing a pistol in a small locked case. Can I pack it in my checked-in bag?

Can I pack more than one firearm in my case?

Does my imitation firearm need to be in a locked hard case?

I'm carrying two types of guns in different cases. Can I pack each one's ammunition with the other firearm?

How would you know if I didn't tell you about my firearm?

What ammunition can I carry?

  • Cartridges with an inert projectile
  • Cartridges, small arms, blank

Blackpowder, percussion caps and primers (unless contained in the ammunition) are not permitted.

How do I pack ammunition for air travel?

You must ensure your ammunition:

  • Is in a container that separates each round (securely packed) e.g. not touching each other  
  • Does not weight more than 5kg, this includes the weight of the container
  • Is in your checked bags
  • Is not packed in the same case as your firearm
  • Is declared to a Customer Service Agent when you check-in

You are approved to carry ammunition provided you have complied with the above.






FAQs for travelling with ammunition

How do I tell you about my ammunition when I'm checking in?

How do I securely pack ammunition for a flight?

Can I pack my ammunition in my main checked-in bag?

I have a special ammunition container that weighs 500g. Can I use it to carry 5kg of ammunition?

Can I carry a 'bucket of bullets' I recently bought?

My travelling companion is not carrying ammunition, can I use their allowance?

Can I carry spent or empty shell casings?

Can I carry explosive charges for my nail gun?

Can I pack ammunition in my locked firearms case?

Can I carry ammunition in a firearm's magazine?

I'm flying internationally and have a domestic transfer. Can you check my bag with ammunition in it all the way to my destination?

How would you know if I didn't tell you about my ammunition?

Information for travelling internationally with firearms or ammunition

Carrying firearms or ammunition across borders takes care and planning:

  • Always check with the New Zealand Firearms Safety Authority before carrying your firearm or ammunition into or out of New Zealand. You may require special permits such as an import or export permit.
  • Check for permit requirements, restrictions etc., for any country you are traveling to or through.
  • Carry all your relevant permits, documents etc., and be prepared to show them when asked.

Connecting to another airline's aircraft:

  • We can't transfer any bag containing a firearm or ammunition to another airline (including our codeshare partners).
  • When planning your travel, you will need to allow for more time to clear customs, collect your bags and check them in with the new airline.
  • It is your responsibility to declare the firearm and ammunition to the new airline.
  • All flights in your itinerary must be booked under the operating carrier's flight numbers. For example, if you have a flight operated by United Airlines, it must been booked with a UA flight number (UA923) and not with an Air New Zealand codeshare flight number (NZ9834).

When travelling internationally or on a different airline, check their firearms and ammunition requirements. They may have different requirements, and failure to comply could incur severe penalties.