Lost Airpoints™ card?

Missing your Airpoints™ card is not a problem if you have downloaded the Air NZ mobile app.

You can use the digital version of your Airpoints card in the Air NZ mobile app. Simply tap the Airpoints logo to get there.

Please note we are not reissuing Airpoints cards at the moment.

Use your Airpoints card with the Air NZ mobile app

Airpoints on mobile app.

You can earn Airpoints Dollars even if you don't have your Airpoints card handy. Just use the Air NZ mobile app instead.

  1. Download/update the latest version of the Air NZ mobile app
  2. Open the Air NZ mobile app
  3. Tap 'Airpoints' at the bottom of the screen
  4. Tap the Airpoints card image to bring up your digital barcode. This can now be used at all Airpoints retail partners to earn Airpoints Dollars.
  5. If you're a Silver, Gold or Elite member, you will also see a Travel card image. Tap this to verify your Star Alliance status.

Frequent Flyer Status Extension

You don't need a new Airpoints card for the Frequent Flyer 12-month Status Extension. Simply add your Airpoints number to your bookings so we know it's you, and you'll get your tier membership benefits automatically. This applies for Elite Partners too. Your digital Airpoints card will always show your correct tier expiry date.