Wander the streets of the capital and soak up the culture.

New Zealand’s capital has a reputation for being wet and windy on a regular basis, but all it takes is one day of sunshine to show you why this is one of the best holiday destinations in the country.

Welly’s somewhat temperamental weather aside, the city has made its name on the back of quirky culture, be it the booming craft beer scene, its art-laden streets, or the friendly and fruity locals you’re sure to meet. Visitors with a creative spark are sure to fit right in.

Like most cities the centre is where most of the action happens, and for Welly that’s Cuba Street. Travel out from there in any direction and you’ll find a diverse range of eateries, family activities, or lovely places to just sit and watch Wellington do its thing.

It’s a coastal city too, so prepare yourself for magnificent sea views at every turn. Situated just about in the middle of the country, on the very bottom of the North Island, it’s also a great base for further exploring what NZ has to offer.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Wellington is always adding to its list of attractions. From Peter Jackson’s world famous Weta Workshop to Zealandia, the bird sanctuary just minutes from the city centre, and on the many boutique burger joints on almost every corner, there’s truly something for any type of traveller.